A single-platform, multi-feature POS

Bring together existing third-party systems and services with simple, scalable integration. Seamlessly add and integrate new systems, too, as you grow.

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Ready to integrate, automate, and expand

Revver is designed to be fluid with your fuel retail business. As you bring in new software, systems and expand your operation, it will scale and extend with you. It’s a one-source solution for a variety of operational concerns.

  • Hardware-independent

    Use and access Revver services on any tablet - with our specialist assistance you will soon be independent. Break free from being locked into outdated tools and platforms that slow you down.

  • Effortless setup - and scale as you grow

    There’s no need to stress about system updates. Revver takes care of everything so you can quickly scale up and down as your fuel retail business demands.

  • Create value, save money

    Use Revver’s real-time status overview feature to cut costs and increase sales margins. Integrate card processing features for a competitive rate - and take advantage of our partner support.

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    Effortless integration

    Revver will integrate with any existing software used to manage your business - from stock control to accounts. We provide native integrations for Winarco, Delta BOS, Worldline, BlackHawk, Migros Cumulus, and Logos-Codab.


A white label solution customised to your brand and needs

Revver’s fluid SaaS is built bespoke for your brand and operation - no matter your size.
Keep your internal and external identities in check.


Analyze. Manage. Adapt.

  • Improve reporting accuracy

    Gain clearer insight into how your stations operate - and what customers want. Build more confident business plans with clear answers and exceptional insight.

  • Manage all your points, tanks and prices

    Track, manage and adjust your fuel points, stations, providers and prices from a single platform. Access in the field - anywhere you have a data connection.

  • Make better decisions more often

    Increase the agility of your decision making, anytime, anywhere. Use high-quality insights to make profitable decisions while you work.

Cockpit Overview

Cockpit overview of your complete retail health

Track and resolve technical issues and urgent matters from afar with smart, customisable notifications. Toggle reports and alarms for tank problems, offline systems and other hardware issues that may result in lost revenue.


Let powerful data drive your business.

Build your business into a data-driven machine with valuable insight and precise analytics.

Boost sales transparency for better performance

Integrate multiple add-ons and native systems to grow your sales potential.

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Your sophisticated
discount engine

Help your customers save money - and drive repeat interest in your retail operation.

  • Manual discounts
  • Automatic Discounts
  • Personal Discounts
  • Promotions
Coming soon

Virtual OPT - right at your fingertips

Take your sales to the floor or off-site - make your POS flexible to the needs of your business and customer base.

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Back Office

Meet Your New Back Office System

Separate back-office admin from front-house sales - through one single system. Use Revver to track administrative, financial and performance tasks with ease.

Manage your POS, sales performance and more - with a catch-all back-office solution

Revver’s web-based back-office interface lets you seamlessly manage and adjust your entire operation. What’s more, we’re continuing to add new features and improve this landmark service.

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  • Advantage
    Generate retail
    sales reports

    Gain insight into popular products, buying behaviours and high-revenue periods.

  • Advantage
    Keep in touch
    with smart alerts

    Always know where you stand with customisable alerts and notifications.

  • Advantage
    sales capabilities

    Plan and improve your sales potential - wherever and whenever you desire.