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    DevOps Engineer.

    Main benefits

    • ability to build cloud infrastructure in a partnership with Lead DevOps Engineer and СTO;
    • hands on experience with exciting tech staff (Kubernetes ecosystem, Hashicorp Terraform, EFK stack,
      Prometheus, Grafana, RabbitMQ, Kafka etc.);
    • interesting challenge to solve - rolling out on-premise and cloud stack update for 170 gas stations that are
      working 24/7;
    • a lot of freedom and chances to learn on many fronts (no legacy code, company uses the most advanced
      tech, expecting high loaded operations);
    • you'll be able to create universal cloud infrastructure that will be used in each EU country.

    Other things you may like:

    • down-to-earth management and absence of bureaucracy;
    • ability to work remotely (upon agreement);
    • compensation level that attracts attention.

    Product description

    Point of sales system ─ hardware and software that is used by customers in outdoor self-service fuel points
    and by cashiers in stores to calculate, indicate and make customer's payments.

    Key advantages of a new POS-system that is being developed:

    1. It’s a cloud-based solution written from scratch using the latest technologies. Energy retail is a specific
      market, it’s hard to build something new and as a result products are too old.
    2. No need to support legacy systems. All competitive products need to support legacy systems and can’t
      offer the same functionality, flexibility and scalability.

    The system is currently live in production and used on real gas stations since January 2020.

    Key job responsibilities and main challenges:

    • to plan & build infrastructure based on AWS and Kubernetes in a partnership with Solution Architect;
    • to improve and automate CI/CD;
    • to ensure smooth 24/7 operations;
    • to implement system elastic scalability and reliability;
    • to collaborate with developers to reach DevOps nirvana.

    Technology stack

    Back-end: Java 11, Spring Stack (Spring IoC, Spring Boot, Spring Security, Spring Data)
    Front-end: JavaScript, React.js

    List of tools:

    • Kubernetes (orchestration of containers,
    • Terraform (infrastructure provisioning,
    • PostgreSQL (esp. operation and backups),
    • ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash/filebeat/FluendD, and Kibana: log aggregation and search -
    • Prometheus (monitoring solution -
    • Grafana (data visualization -
    • RabbitMQ (messaging system,
    • Kafka (Event streaming,

    Main requirements

    Technical skills and experience, must-have's:

    • expertise with major Cloud providers, preferably AWS;
    • solid experience with Docker and ideally Kubernetes;
    • strong GNU/Linux and networking skills;
    • scripting and programming skills (some of Bash, Python, Groovy or Ruby);
    • previous work experience in geographically dispersed teams;
    • good command of English.

    Technical skills and experience, nice-to-have's:

    Amazon Web Services:

    • EC2 and VPC
    • ECR (container registry)
    • EKS (managed Kubernetes)
    • AWS cost and budgeting tools
    • RDS, Aurora (managed relational DBs like Postgres)
    • ALB/NLB (load balancing)
    • AWS backup
    • AWS IAM

    Networking and hardware:

    • VPN protocols and implementations
    • routing and load balancing concepts, TLS offloading
    • Cisco, Mikrotic devices