Cloud-based POS that keeps your customers on the road

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Cloud System

Keep your business running with 99.9% guaranteed uptime

Revver is a modern, cloud-native POS that’s always online - keeping you connected 24 hours a day,
seven days a week. You’re always in the driving seat.

  • Cloud-based software and data backup that won’t let you down

    Based entirely in the cloud, your sensitive data - and daily operations - are always protected. Keep things running without fear of slowing down.

  • Fast, secure operation

    Revver’s native, cloud-based operation allows for advanced security measures - ensuring your data is always secured to industry standards.

  • Streamline for a secure retail operation

    Capture and safeguard sensitive corporate and customer data with ease. Choose a POS that’s quick to react, and easy to access.

  • Manage your business anytime, anywhere

    In the field and off-premises, access your POS data wherever there’s an internet connection. Track technical problems and streamline your running no matter where you are.


Seamlessly integrate with third-party systems

Keep control of every facet of your retail fuel business with a single, unifying suite. Connect multiple devices and access points to keep up to speed and keep communication clear and on-page.

  • Hardware-independent

    Use and access Revver services on any tablet - with our specialist assistance you will soon be independent. Break free from being locked into outdated tools and platforms that slow you down.

  • Effortless setup - and scale as you grow

    There’s no need to stress about system updates. Revver takes care of everything so you can quickly scale up and down as your fuel retail business demands.

Run your business in real-time - and get clearer on sales

Access your business’ daily running, data and technical concerns from anywhere with an internet connection - at any time. Receive real-time updates across multiple stations - to help you make more confident decisions.

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Cockpit Overview

A cockpit overview of your business’ health

Toggle notifications to keep up to speed with the latest technical issues and urgent demands across all retail locations. Manage hardware problems
and concerns that could affect revenue.

Coming soon

Technological Solutions for the Modern Fuel Retailer

Revver is always improving and innovating - helping to make fuel retail run that little bit smoother. Here’s what you can look forward to from our innovations in the near future:

  • Indoor Self-Checkout

    Checkout easily without an employee present on the desk. Rotate easily from cashier to client with zero hassle.

    Currently innovating
  • Offline Capabilities

    Work completely offline - choosing to sync at a later time with an internet connection. Ideal for remote work without data access.

    Work in progress
  • Virtual Outdoor Payment Terminal

    Allow customers to pay at the pump - making it more convenient for your team and your clientele.

    Work in progress

We’ve Got You Covered with After Sales Support

At Revver, we’re committed to providing exceptional service - no matter when you need us. If you have any questions about our singular cloud-based POS, our team is ready to speak to you.


How can Revver help me with my sales?


Will Revver help me grow my business?


Can I use other systems and services with Revver?


Will I be guaranteed a 99.9% uptime rate?


Will the data and all other important information guaranteed safe and secure with Revver?

How can Revver help me with my sales?

Revver can help you break down your sales data to identify clearer customer behaviours. You’ll have complete oversight of what people demand from your stations - saving you research time, and boosting revenue.

Will Revver help me grow my business?

Yes - Revver is designed to grow as your customer base, and station locations expand. Your POS will grow without any limits or constraints.

Can I use other systems and services with Revver?

Yes - Revver is fully adaptable to a variety of third-party services and systems. Why not get in touch to learn more?

Will I be guaranteed a 99.9% uptime rate?

Our POS system is rapid, robust and reliable that is why you will be running your business online 24/7. The uptime rate of 99.9% cloud availability will depend on your network availability and internet status.

Will the data and all other important information guaranteed safe and secure with Revver?

Revver is a cloud native POS system.  Rest assured all sensitive data and valuable information are secured and protected in the cloud. You do not need to worry about backing up your files on external hardrives, we'll take care of it in the cloud. We'll let you focus on the core of your retail operation.